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José Ignacio PEREZ SAENZ

José Ignacio PEREZ SAENZ, Spanish President of the Government of La Rioja.


  • PEREZ SAENZ, José Ignacio was born on November 7, 1951 in Calahorra, La Rioja, Spain.

  • Education

    • Degree in law, University of Barcelona.


    • Former Councillor, Calahorra. Former member, Commisssions of Town Planning, Education and Culture, and former Head of Police Delegation, Calahorra. Member. Regional Executive, PSR-PSOE, since 1981.

      Secretary, Training and Culture, PSR-PSOE, 1981-1983. Regional Deputy, PSR. Councillor for Education, Culture and Sport, 1983-1987.

      President, La Rioja Autonomous Goverment, since 1990. Executive Secretary, PSR-PSOE. Member. Federation Committee, Partido Socialista Obrero Español (Spanish Socialist Workers' Party).

      Lawyer; former law lecturer, Universidad a Distancia.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party of La Rioja


    Clubs: co-founder, Calahorra Cultural Association, and of Pablo Iglesias Foundation in La Rioja.
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    Born November 7, 1951
    (age 65)