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Adriano da Silva PINTO

Adriano da Silva PINTO, Portuguese Deputy. Honorary Member, Oporto Football Association; Government Medal for Services to Sport, 1979; Gold Medal of Merit, Portuguese Football Federation; Honorary President, Oporto Football Association; Gold Medal for Sport, Oporto City Council, 1987; Honorary Citizen of Oporto, 1987; Gold Medal for Services to Sport. Ministry of Education, 1988.


  • PINTO, Adriano da Silva was born on September 15, 1939 in Castelo de Paiva, Portugal.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Law.


    • Deputy, Assembly of the Republic, since 1983. Former Vice-President, Parliamentary Committee on Management and Mandates. Former Member, Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs.

      President, Municipal Assembly, Lousada, 79. Member, Oporto City Council, 1980. Former President, Social Democratic Party Assembly, Lousada.

      Former Vice-President, Social Democratic Party District Assembly, Oporto. Solicitor. President, National Assembly of Solicitors. Northern Region.


    Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party


    Clubs: President. Ramaldense Football Club. Boausta Football Club. Lousada Sports Association.
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    Born September 15, 1939