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Alain Emile Louis Marie POHER

Alain Emile Louis Marie POHER, French former President of the Senate. Knight of the legion of honour; 39-45 war cross; medal of the resistance; Grand cross of merit of the soverign order of Malta; Robert Schuman prize, 1971; Louise Weiss prize, 1984.


  • POHER, Alain Emile Louis Marie was born on April 17, 1909 in Ablon-sur-Seine, Seine-et-Oise, France. Parents: Ernest Poher and Louise Poher (née Souriau).

  • Education

    • Lycée Louis-le-Grand, Paris. Lycée Saint-Louis, Paris. Law degree university of Paris, civil mining engineer.

      Politics degree.


    • Minister of Finance (R. Schuman) June-November 1946. Senator for Seine-et-Oise 1946-1948, 1952-1968, for Val-deMame since 1968. Finance Commission Conseil de la Republique 1946-1948.

      Secretary of State for Finance 1948, for Budget 1948. Commander-General for German and Austrian Affairs 1948-1950. French Delegate to Institute Ruhr Authority 1950-1952.

      President Higher Trade Council 1953. President Senate Group of Mouvement Republicain Populaire (M.R.P.) 1954-1957, 1959-1960. President Transport Commission, of Coal and Steel Assembly 1954-1955.

      President, of Common Market Commission 57. President Franco-German Governmental Commission, for Canalisation of the Moselle 1955-1956. Mayor of Ablon-sur-Seine 1945-1977.

      Assistant Secretary-General Association of Mayors of France 1945-1960, President 1974-1983, Honorary President 1983. Secretary of State Armed Forces (Naval) 1957-1958. Delegate to European Pari. since 1958, President Christian Democrat Group 1958-1966, President, of European Pari.

      1966-1969; President Euro-African Pari. Assembly 1967-1968; President, of Senate since 1968. Acting President, of France April-June 1969, April-May 1974.

      Presidential Candidate June 1969. President World Committee the Salvation of the Jews of the Middle East. Prix Robert Schuman 1971, Prix Louise Weiss 1984.

      Chevalier, Legion d'honneur, Croix de guerre, Medaille de la Resistance.



    • Spouse Henriette Tugler, 1938. Children: Marie-Agnès.
    • father: Ernest Poher
    • mother: Louise (nee Souriau)
    • spouse: Henriette Tugler
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