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Dott. Annamaria PROCACCI

Dott. Annamaria PROCACCI, Italian Senator.


  • PROCACCI, Dott. Annamaria was born on September 17, 1949 in Rome, Italy.

  • Education

    • Degree in Letters.


    • Member of LAC (Lega per L’Abolizrone della Caccia-League for the abolition of Hunting. Member Leadership and National Secretary LAC since 1982. Co-promoter of 2 national referenda on environmental issues, 1980, 1986.

      Member Green Party from its inception. Member Co-ordination Committee. Lazio; Head of Hunting section, National Green Federation.

      Elected Deputy, Rome-Viterbo-Latina-Frosinone, 1987. Member Committee on Culture Science and Teaching. Professional career: Literature Teacher, Liceo Scientifico Sperimentale, Rome.


    Party affiliation: Green Party



    Environment, anti-hunt, vivisection campaigns, animal rights, ecology.

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    Born September 17, 1949
    (age 68)


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