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Ruairi Quinn

Ruairi QUINN, Irish architect and politician. Dublin Corporation 1974-1977, 1981-1982; Seanad Eireann 1976-1977, 1981-1982; Dail Eireann 1977-1981, since 1982; Irish Planning Institute.


  • QUINN, Ruairi was born on April 2, 1946 in Dublin, Ireland. Parents: Malachi Quinn and Julia Quinn (née Hoey).

  • Education

    • Blackrock College, Dublin. School of Architecture, University College, Dublin, Bachelor of Architecture, architecture, 1969. Athens Centre of Ekistics, Greece, urban planning.

      Spoken languages: French, Irish.


    • Councillor, Dublin City Council, 1974-1977. Vice-chairman, Housing Committee, 1974-1977, since 1991. Member of Seanad, 1976-1977.

      Member of the Dâil, since 1977. Member, Council ofSocial Affairs Ministers, European Economic Community, 1983-1987. Minister of State for Environment, 1982-1983.

      Minister for Labour and Public Service, 1983-1987. President, Social Affairs Council, 1984. Deputy Leader. Irish Labour Party, since 1989.

      Alderman, Dublin City Council, 1990. Chairman, Campaign Committee and Director of Elections. Mary Robinson Presidential Campaign, 1990.

      Dublin Director of Elections for Local Elections Alderman, Dublin City Council, 1991-. Leader, Civic Alliance and City Cncl, since 1991. Junior architect, 1969-1970.

      Assistant Design Architect, Housing Architect’s Department, Dublin Corporation. Lecturer. School of Architecture, University College, Dublin, 1971-1982. Partner, Burke Kennedy Doyle and Partners.

      Dublin. 1974-1982; architectural correspondent, Irish Times, 1975-1976.


    • Various articles for professional magazines and journals.


    Party affiliation: Labour Party




    Member, Royal Institut, of Architects in Ireland. Irish Planning Institute. Royal Institut, of British Architects.

    Clubs: Amnesty International. Greenpeace.



    Athletics, gardening, cooking, classical music, art. Finance, economics, environment, foreign and European affairs.


    • Spouse Elizabeth H. Quinn (2nd marriage) (née Allman), 1990. Children: Malachi, Sine.
    • father: Malachi
    • mother: Julia Quinn
    • spouse: Liz Allman
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    Born April 2, 1946
    (age 71)


    Tania Yalovchuk

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