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Sonja Marie Hillevi REMBO

Sonja Marie Hillevi REMBO, Swedish Member of the Riksdag.


  • REMBO, Sonja Marie Hillevi was born on January 17, 1933 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Daughter of Alvar Rembo and Junis Rembo (née Gregorsson).

  • Education

    • Institute of Commerce. Gothenburg, 1951; spoken languages: English, German.


    • Member Board of the Moderate Party for Gothenburg and Bohus Iàn, 1973-1983. First Vice-Chairman, 1978-1983 member Social District Board, Gothenburg, 1974-1979. First Vice-Chairman Conservative Women’s Federation, Gothenburg, 1976-1981.

      Member of Parliament, since 1979. Member Labour Market Committee, 1979-1985. Member, National Insurance Committee 1979-1985 and Parliamentary Salaries Delegation, 1979-1985.

      Member Parliamentary Board of Trustees of the Moderate Party, since 1985. Member War Delegation, since 1988. Chairman, Moderate Party Board for Gothenburg, since 1989.

      Professional career: Secretary in various companies, 1951-1968. Secretary Swedish Ball Bearings Company Limited, Gothenburg, 1968-1979. Board member, National Insurance Inspection, since 1982.

      Board member, Swedish Delegation for Marine Resources, 1985-1990. Board member, Port of Gothenburg Limited, since 1985.


    Party affiliation: Moderate Party




    • mother: Junis Rembo (née Gregorsson)
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    Born January 17, 1933


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