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Heinz Friedrich RIESENHUBER

Heinz RIESENHUBER, German Federal Minister of Research and Technology. Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany; Knight Commander's Cross of the French Legion of Honour.


  • RIESENHUBER, Heinz was born on December 1, 1935 in Frankfurt. Son of Karl and Elisabeth (née Birkner) Riesenhuber.

  • Education

    • Grammar school, Abitur (advanced matriculation examination), 1955. Study of natural sciences (main subject, chemistry) and economics. Diploma of Chemistry, 1961.

      Doctor of Natural Science Doctor of Natural Science, 1965. Parry. Christlich Demokratische Union (CDU, Christian Democratic Union), 1961.


    • Member of Junge Union (Young Union), 1961-1969. County chairman. Junge Union in Hessen, 1965-1969. Member of county Executive Committee, Christian Democratic Union in Hessen, since 1965.

      Member of federal Executive Committee, Junge Union, 1966-1969. Deputy federal chairman, Junge Union. 196869; mem, of presiding Committee, Christian Democratic Union in Hessen, since 1968.

      District chairman, Christian Democratic Union in Frankfurt, 1973-1978. Chairman, special federal Committee Energy and Environment, Christian Democratic Union in Germany, 1977-1982. Member of Bundestag for Frankfurt-Main 1-Main-Taunus.

      Federal Minister of Research and Technology, October since 1982. Research assistent, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Frankfurt, 1962-1965. Employee, 1966-1968; managing clerk, 1967-1968.

      Managing director, Erz GmbH, Frankfurt, 1968-1971. Technical managing director, Synthomer Chemie GmbH, Frankfurt, 1971-1982. Deputy chairman, Volkswagenwerk Foundation.


    • Articles in specialist journals.




    Clubs: German-Israeli Foundation (chmn. of board of trustees), Jerusalem.
    • Clubs: German-Israeli Foundation (chmn. of board of trustees), Jerusalem.





    • Married Beatrix Walter in 1968.
    • father: Karl
    • mother: Elisabeth (née Birkner) Riesenhuber
    • spouse: Beatrix Walter
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    Born December 1, 1935


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