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José Lucien André ROSSI

José Lucien André ROSSI, French Deputy.


  • ROSSI, José Lucien André was born on June 18, 1944 in Ajaccio, Corse. Parents: Pierre Rossi and Emilie Rossi (née Leca).

  • Education

    • Fesch Lycée, Ajaccio. Faculty of law; Doctor in law. Diploma from Institute of Political Studies, Paris.

      Diploma in Advanced Studies in Political Sciences.


    • Attaché. Cabinet of Minister of Work, Employment and Population, 1972. Head ofCabinet of Minister of National Education, 1972-1974. Responsible for relations with the Press, Cabinet of Minister of Health, 1974-1975.

      Responsible for relations with Parliament, Cabinet of Minister of Work, 1975-1978. Head of Cabinet (relations with Parliament) of Minister of Education, 1978. Head of, Cabinet of Chairman of the Senate, 1981-1982.

      General Councillor, Ajaccio, since 1973. Regional Councillor, la Corse, since 1975. Deputy Mayor, Ajaccio, since 1983.

      Chairman, Regional Agency for Tourism and Leisure, La Corse, 1983-1984. Chairman, General Council, La Corse, since 1985. Deputy, Union for French Democracy, La Corse du Sud, since 1988.

      Assistant, Faculty of law, Paris.


    • Les Maires de grandes villes en France, 1972.


    Party affiliation: Union for French Democracy


    • Spouse Denise Ferri, 1968. Children: Emmanuelle, Fabienne.
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    Born June 18, 1944
    (age 73)