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Kimmo Kalevi Immeri SASI

Kimmo Kalevi Immeri SASI, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group, Kansallinen Kokoomus (Kok).


  • SASI, Kimmo Kalevi Immeri was born on February 21, 1952 in Tampere, Finland. Parents: Immeri Elias and Hilkka (née Ranta).

  • Education

    • University of Helsinki, Master of Law, 1971-1979. Swedish School of Economics, Bachelor of Science. Economics, 1971-1975.

      University of Columbia, United States.A, Master of Law, 1977-1978. Spoken languages: Swedish, English. German, French.


    • Chairman, Association of Law Students, 1975. Chairman, University of Helsinki Students Union, 197677. City Councillor, Tampere, 1977.

      Chairman, Conservative Lawyers Association, 1980-1981. Chairman, Tampere Conservative Party, 1981-1983. Chairman of Electors, since 1983.

      Chairman, Taxation Sub-Cttee. of the Finance Committee, since 1984. Member, Nordic Council, since 1987. Member. Economic Committee, since 1983.

      Member of Eduskunta, since 1983. Chairman, Conservative Parliamentary Group, 1991 -. Assistant teacher of Law University of Helsinki, 1975-1977.

      Attorney, 1980, 1981-1982. Clerk, Judge, Pirkkala District Court, 1980-1981. Attorney, since 1982.


    Party affiliation: National Coalition Party




    Clubs: Junior Chamber of Commerce, Tammerkoski. Lions Club, Tampere.



    Skiing, sailing.

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    Born February 21, 1952
    (age 65)