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Dr. Herbert SCHNOOR

Dr. Herbert SCHNOOR, German Member of the Bundesrat.


  • SCHNOOR, Dr. Herbert was born on June 1, 1927 in Moordorf.

  • Education

    • Universities of Gottingen and Würzburg, law. State law examinations, 1952, 1957. Doctor jur., 1959.


    • Speaker and Group Leader, Ministry of Education and The Arts, until 1969. Ministerial Director, Ministry of the Interior, 1969. Secretary of State, Ministry of Science and Research, 1970.

      Head of State Chancellery, 80. Minister of the Interior, since 1980. Deputy Minister President.

      Public servant, Lower Saxony, since 1958. Regional Service, Nordrhein-Westfalen, since 1964. Member, Industry Union.

      Mining and Energy, since 1965. Employees’ Representative, Board of Mining Company, Niederrhein.


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    Born June 1, 1927