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Concetto SCIVOLETTO, Italian Senator.


  • SCIVOLETTO, Concetto was born on February 22, 1945 in Modiga.

  • Education

    • Classical Lyceum schooling at Lyceum ‘Tommaso Campanella', Modica. Degree in Philosophy, University of Catania.


    • Member PS1UP (Partito Socialista Italiano di Unità Proletaria), 1966. Merged with Italian Communist Party, 1972. Member Leadership of Italian Communist Party Federation Ragusa, 1972-1975.

      Head of Committee on School and Culture. Mcm. Secretariat of Federation Head of Organisation. 1975; Secretary Federation I Ragusa, Italian Communist Party, 1979.

      Confirmed 1983-1986; member National Organisation I ( ommittec. Member Regional Committee, Sicily. Member Regional Leadership Italian Communist Party.

      Councillor, Modica, 1970. 1st Communist Mayor of Modica, 1985-1986. Elected Senator, Ragusa, 1987.

      Member Committee on Agriculture I and Agricultural (Food) Production.


    Party affiliation: Italian Communist Party

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    Born February 22, 1945
    (age 72)