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Arne SKAUGE, Norwegian politician. Storting 1973-1977, member 1977-1978; Nordic Council 1983-1984, 1988-1989.


  • SKAUGE, Arne was born on January 27, 1948 in Bergen, Norway. Parents: Rolf Skauge and Karen Skauge (née Bors).

  • Education

    • Civil Economics, Norges Handels Hogskole, 1971. Parly Hoyre (H, Conservative Party).


    • Revision assistant. Bergen Borough, 1966-1967. Member of Board of Control, Bergen Conservative Student Society, 1967-1968. Member of Main Board of Control, Conservative Party, Bergen.

      1970; member. City Board of Control. Bergen, 1972-1977; First Deputy Representative to Chmn.ship. City Board of Control, Bergen, 1972-1975.

      Chairman, Borough Assessment Committee, Bergen. 1972-1975; Second Deputy Representative, County Council, Hordaland, 1972-1975. Representative, City Board of Control Chmn.ship, Bergen, 1976-1977.

      Chairman, Organisation Committee, Bergen, 76. Chairman, Administration Committee, County of Hordaland, 19751977. Chairman Hordaland Conservative Party, Hordaland, 1976-1977.

      Member of Control Board of Control, Conservative Party Central Organisation, 1976-1977. Second Vice-Chairman, Conservative Party, 1984. Member, Conservative Party Borough Committee, 1978-1981.

      Representative, Storting, 1977-1978. Delegate, United Nations General Assembly, 1980. Norwegian Representative, Nordic Council of Ministers, 198183, Chairman, 1982-1983.

      State Adviser and Manager, Department of Business and Commerce. 1981-1983; Leader, Contact Committee for Business Merchandising, 1981-1983. Leader, Council for International Economic Cooperation, 1981-1983.

      Member. Defence Council, 1981-1983. Member, Nordic Council, 1983-1984. Member, European Free Trade Association Council of Ministers, 1981-1983, Chairman, 1983.

      State Secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, since 1984. Former Minister of Finance. Public Planning Consultant, VI AK A/S, 1971-1976.

      Chief of Staff. Bergen Borough, 1976-1978. Deputy member. Board of Control of Haukeland Hospital, Bergen, 1979-1983. Member of Board of Control, City Lot Company, Bergen, 1975-1979.


    Storting 1973-1977, member 1977-1978. Nordic Council 1983-1984, 1988-1989.


    • Spouse Liv Solberg Thorsen, 1970. Children: Morten.
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    Born January 27, 1948
    (age 69)


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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