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Dr. Volker SKLENAR

Dr. Volker SKLENAR, German Member of the Bundesrat.


  • SKLENAR, Dr. Volker was born on November 6, 1944 in Mittweida.

  • Education

    • Trained as farmer and horse breeder. Universities of Jena and Leipzig, agriculture, 1965-1972. Doctor, Leipzig, 1973.


    • Democratic Farmers’ Party of Germany, 1969-1990. Member, Christian Democratic Union, since 1990. Member of Municipal Representation, Grossobringen, 1974-1990.

      Member of Landtag, Thüringen, since 1990. Minister for Agriculture and Forests, Thüringen Region, since 1990. Deputy Member of Bundesrat, since 1990.

      Head of Production, LPG Grossobringen, 197284. Head of Department of Animal Production, Farming Industry Organisation, Berlstedt, 1984-1989. Director of Public Funds, Neumark, 1989-1990.




    Denomination: Christian

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    Born November 6, 1944
    (age 72)