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Nora STAELS-DOMPAS, Belgian Secretary of the Senate.


  • STAELS-DOMPAS, Nora was born on June 24, 1925 in Koersel, Belgium.

  • Education

    • Catholic University, Leuven, Degree in Political and Social Science, 1949.


    • National Co-operative Senator, 1974-1981 and since 1985. Provincial Senator, Brabant, 1981-1985. Member, Council of Europe.

      Vice-Chairman, Council of Europe. Member, Western European Union. Member of Senate Commissions for Social Affairs, Justice, Preservation of the Environment, Revision of the Constitution and Reform of Institutions.

      Member. Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe and the Assembly of the West-European Union. Professional career: Study Service for Christian Female Workers’ Guild, 1949. Christian Workers’ Movement.

      General Christian Workers’ Union. High Council for Families. Member of the Belgian Delegation for Women’s Rights at the United Nations in New York & Geneva.

      United Nations Congress, Mexico.


    Party affiliation: Christian Social Party


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    Born June 24, 1925


    Alexandra Remova

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