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Olivier Charles STIRN

Olivier Charles STIRN, French President, Union Centriste et Radicale.


  • STIRN, Olivier Charles was born on February 24, 1936 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Seine, France. Parents: Alexandre Stirn and Geneviève Stim (née Dreyfus).

  • Education

    • Lycée Janson-de-Sailly (school). University of Paris, Faculty of Law. Higher education diploma of public law and political science.

      Diploma from Paris Institute of political studies.


    • Registered on aptitude list for office as principal private secretary for prefects, 1961. Principal private secretary of prefect of the Meuse, 1961. Official cabinet representative of Louis Jacquinot (Minister of State), 1964.

      Sub-prefect, second class, 1965. Principal private secretary of Louis Jacquinot, 1965, of Jean Charbonnel, 1966-1967, and of Jacques Chirac, 1967-1968. Deputy for Calvados (5th constituency: Vire) 1968-1978.

      President of the Normandy-Brittany-England Parliamentary Organisation, since 1970. General Councillor of the Vire district, since 1970. Mayor of Vire, since 1971.

      State Secretary for Minister of relations with Parliament, 1973-1974. State secretary for Overseas Departments and Territories, 1974-1978- Founder of the Social-Liberals movement, 1977. Vice President of Radical-Socialist Party, 1977.

      Co-founder of the social-democrat forum, 1977. State secretary to Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1978. At the disposal of the Minister of Defence, 1980-1981.

      Radical Deputy for Calvados (5th constituency: Vire), 1981-1986. Left Radical-Socialist Party and Union for French Democracy (Union for French Democracy), rejoined group of Independents at National Assembly, 1984. Founder and President of the Centrist and Republican Union movement, 1984.

      Elected Independent Deputy for la Manche, 1986, re-elected 1988. National delegate of Socialist Party since 1986. Member of the National Council of the Left and of the Force of Progress, 1987.

      Delegate Minister to Prime Minister, in charge of Overseas Departments and Territories. MayJune 1988; Delegate Minister to Minister of Industry and National and Regional Development, in charge of tourism, since 1988.


    • Le Piège (in collaboration), 1973. Une certaine idée du centre, 1985.


    Party affiliation: Radical Socialist Party


    Clubs: Racing Club de France.
    • Clubs: Racing Club de France.





    • Spouse Marine Saunier, 1961. Children: Renaud, Guillaume.
    • father: Alexandre Stim
    • mother: Genevieve Dreyfus
    • spouse: Evelyn Toledano
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    Born February 24, 1936


    Alexandra Remova

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      • Le Piège (in collaboration), 1973. Une certaine idée du centre, 1985.
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