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Dr. Mityas SZUROS

Dr. Mityas SZUROS, Hungarian Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly. Labour Order of Merit, 1975.


  • SZUROS, Dr. Mityas was born on September 11, 1933 in Puspôkladiny, Hungary. Parents: Lajos Szürôs and Julianna Szürôs (née Kün).

  • Education

    • Moscow University Institut, of International Relations, 1953-1959. Spoken languages: Russian, German, English.


    • Deputy Leader, 1975, Head, 1982-1983, Foreign Department, Member of Central Committee, 1978, HSWP Central Committee. Ambassador, German Democratic Republic, 1975-1978. Ambassador, USSR, 1978-1982.

      Chairman, Foreign Relations Parliamentary Committee, 1985. Chairman, Hungarian Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, 1989. Pres, of the Parliamentary, 1989.

      Acting Pres, of the Hungarian republic, 1989. Member, Hungarian Socialist Party, since 1989. Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, since 1990.


    • Homeland and World, 1985. Homeland and Europe, 1987. About Hungary and Foreign Policy, 1989.


    Party affiliation: Hungarian Socialist Party


    Clubs: Chairman, Historical Commemorative Committee of the Opusztaszer, 1989. Member, Kirolyi Mihily Society, 1989.


    • Spouse Nelly Szürôs (née Kotyelnyikova), 1957. Children: Mityas, Ivin.
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    Born September 11, 1933