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Catherine TASCA

Catherine TASCA, French Secretary of State attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, responsible for Francophony and Cultural Affairs.


  • TASCA, Catherine was born on December 13, 1941 in Lyons, France. Daughter of Angelo Tasca and Alice Tasca (née Naturel).

  • Education

    • First degree in law; Institute of Political Studies, Paris, diploma. National School of Administration, 1965-1967.


    • Civil administrator. Ministry of Culture, 1967-1972. Director, Grenoble Cultural Office, 1972-1977. Member of Commission for Quality of Radio and Television Broadcasts and member of Economic and Social Committee of RhôneAlpes Region, 1974-1977.

      Chairman of Board of Experts for Assistance to Theatrical Companies in Ile de France Region, 1985-1986. Member of National Commission for Communication and Liberties, 1986-1988 Minister Delegate, Ministry of Culture, Communication, Major Works and the Bicentenary, with special responsibility for Communications, 1988. Minister of State responsible for Francophony and Cultural Affairs.

      Secretary of State attached to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Representative to National Office for Arts Broadcasting 1977-1978. Administrator of l'Ensemble Intercontemporain, orchestra, 1978-1982.

      Co-director of NanterreAmandiers Theatre, 1982-1986.


    Commission National de la Communication et des Libertes (CNCL) 1986.


    • father: Angelo Tasca
    • mother: Alice Tasca (née Naturel)
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    Born December 13, 1941
    (age 75)


    Olga Borisik

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