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Giglia TEDESCO TATO, Italian Senator.


  • TEDESCO TATO, Giglia was born on January 22, 1926 in Rome, Italy.

  • Career

    • Member Catholic Communist Movement. Member Central Committee of PCI from 1960. Member Leadership, PCI from 1984.

      Employee, Ministry for the Constituent Assembly, Ministry of Treasury and Ministry of Labour. Leader, National League of Cooperatives 1956. Head of National Committee on Co-operatives.

      Member International Co-operatives Alliance. Represented Italy in Central Committee of International Guild of Co-operatives, 1948-1956. Member National Secretariat, FGCI, 1956-1959.

      Member Italian Women’s Union, 1945. Leadership Committee 1949. Member National Presidency, from 1959.

      Member National Executive from 1968. Mem National Committee from 1978-1982. Member International Democratic Women’s Federation.

      Member Congresses, Delegations, Study Groups on Women’s Problems and Social Problems in all European countries and United States of America. Elected Senator, Arezzo, 1968-1976. Member Committee on Justice.

      Member Committee on authorisations to prosecute. Member Executive of Committee on Supervision of Radio-Television Services. Secretary of Parliamentary Group.

      Member Secretariat of Study Centre for initiatives for reform of the State. Re-elected Senator, Montevarchi, since 1976. Member Committee on Justice.

      Vice-President of Parliamentary Group. Re-elected Senator, 1979. Vice Pres, of Parliamentary Group.

      Member Regulatory Body. Member Parliamentary Delegation to North Atlantic Treaty Organization Assembly. Member Committee on Constitutional Affairs.
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    Born January 22, 1926


    Olga Borisik

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