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Dott. Giancarlo TESINI

Dott. Giancarlo TESINI, Italian Minister of Transport and Merchant Marine.


  • TESINI, Dott. Giancarlo was born on February 5, 1929 in Bologna.

  • Education

    • Degree in Jurisprudence.


    • Head of Study Centre of Ministry of State Participation. Leadership, Bologna Christian Democrats. Councillor, Bologna. 1960’s-1972.

      Elected Deputy, Bologna-Ferraru-Ravenna-Forli, since 1972. National Councillor, Christian Democrats, 1967. Member Central Leadership, Christian Democrats.

      Head of School and Scientific Research Office. Minister for Scientific Technological Research, in Spadolini government. Member Committee on Teaching and Fine Art.

      Member Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the ‘P2’ Masonic Lodge. Re-elected Deputy, 1987. Member Committee on Culture, Science and Teaching.

      Minister of Transport and Merchant Marine. Director, Office for professional training and community development, PO Delta Authority. President ‘Cognetex’, Imola.

      President National League of First Division, Basketball Association. Adviser, Italian Basketball Federation. Journalist; Collaborator on newspapers and reviews.


    • Series of books on communism. T1 Italian Communist Party ad un bivio?’, Bologna, 1979.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party

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    Born February 5, 1929