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Robert URBAIN, Belgian Minister for Foreign Trade and European Affairs.


  • URBAIN, Robert was born on November 24, 1930 in Hornu, Belgium.

  • Education

    • Athénée Royal de Dour, high school, latin and maths. 1948; Teacher Training College, Mons, maths., physics, Golden Medal and Government Award 1950.


    • Municipal Councillor, Hyon, 1964-1969. Leader of Cabinet for Secretary of State for Regional Economy, F. Delmotte, 1968-1971. Deputy, Mons, 1971; Secretary of State for Regional Development and Housing, 1973.

      Mayor, Hournu-Boussu, since 1977. Secretary of State for Walloon Regional Economy, 1977-1978. Minister of Post and Telecommunications, 1979-1980.

      Minister of Foreign Trade, 1980-1981. Minister of Health and Education for French Community, 1981-1985 and Feb.-May 1988. Member of commissions of Economy and Foreign Relations.

      President Belgian Group of Interparliamentary Union, 1985-1988. Local Minister, Social Affairs and Health, February 1988 until May 1988. Minister of Foreign Trade, May since 1988.

      Member National Political Bureau, PS. Teacher, 1950-1958; Director, Night School, 1955-1971. Cnclr. Provincial Government of Hainaut, adviser in charge of Economic expansion for Mons, 1958-1968.

      Court Clerk, Hainaut, 196971. Member, Administrative Council, University of Mons, 1974-1979. Member Board of Polytechnical Faculty, Mons.


    Party affiliation: Socialist Party

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    Born November 24, 1930


    Tania Yalovchuk

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