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IiroTahvo Juhani VIINANEN

IiroTahvo Juhani VIINANEN, Finnish Minister of Finance. The Entrepreneur of the Year (Riihimaki), 1981.


  • VIINANEN, IiroTahvo Juhani was born on September 27, 1944 in Kuopio, Finland. Parents: Pauli Johannes Viinanen and Eila Hilli Viinanen (née Jokela).

  • Education

    • Engineer, 1967; Master of Science(Eng.), 1973.


    • Member, Riihimaki Town Council, 1976. Chairman, Delegation of the Riihimáki-Hyvinkáá Vocational Training Centre Foundation. Member, Committee for Industry of Harne Province, 1977-1985.

      Vice-Chairman, Admin. Board of the Industrial Village of Riihimaki. Member. Admin. Board, RiihimakiHyvinkaa Chamber of Commerce, 1978.

      Member. Presidential Electorate, 1982. Member of Eduskunta, since 1983. 1st Vice-Chairman, Riihimaki Town Council, 1985.

      Managing Director, Konevalmistamo Oy., 1967-1984 (Manufacture of machinery).


    Party affiliation: National Coalition Party


    • Spouse Pirjo Anneli Johansson, 1967. Children: Kati, Petteri.
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    Born September 27, 1944
    (age 73)