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Evangelos YIANNOPOULOS, Greek politician and Member of Parliament.


  • YIANNOPOULOS, Evangelos was born in 1918 in Gortynia, Peloponnese.

  • Career

    • Served as officer in Albanian war (wounded) and later in Greek resistance movement in World War II as bn. commdr. in Greek Popular Liberation Army. Joined Centre Union youth organisation, Centre Union Party 1960. Arrested and deported to remote area 1969, rearrested and imprisoned for political activities 1970. President Athens Lawyer’s Association 1976-1981.

      Member of Parliament, 85. Member of Parliament, B’ Athens, 1989. Minister of Transport, 1981-1982.

      Minister of Labour, 1982-1986. Minister of Merchant Marine, 1987-1988. Minister of the Aegean, 1988-1989.


    Party affiliation: Panhellenic Socialist Movement


    National Progressive Centre Union. Panhellenic Socialist Movement (PASOK). Central Committee; Governor Council, Institute of Institute and Alien Law.


    • Married Konstantina Yiannopoulou in 1954.
    • spouse: Konstantina Yiannopoulou
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    Elizaveta Chadovich

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