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Adrien Georges André ZELLER

Adrien Georges ZELLER, French Member of the European Parliament.


  • ZELLER, Adrien Georges André was born on April 2, 1940 in Saveme, Bas-Rhin, France. Parents: Henri Zeller and Antoinette Zeller (née Ries).

  • Education

    • Graduate of economic sciences. Agricultural engineer. Diploma from the European College, Bruges.

      Diploma from International Centre of Advanced Studies in Mediterranean agronomics, economics. Spoken languages: French, German.


    • Regional government; Mayor, Saverne, since 1977. Member, French parliament (Assemblée Nationale). Bas-Rhin, Secretary of State for Social Security, 1986-1988.

      Principal administrator European Community Commission. Member of the European Parliament, 1989-: Member, Social Affairs, Employment and the Working Environment Committee, 1989. Vice Chairman, Rules of Procedure, Verification of Credentials and Immunities Committee, since 1989.

      Substitute, Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development Committee, since 1989. Agricultural engineer.



    Social problems.


    • Spouse Florence Hugodot, 1978. Children: Henri, Catherine (from previous marriage), Judith, Clémence.
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    Born April 2, 1940


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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      • L’Imbroglio agricole du Marché commun, 1970. La Politique autrement, 1978.
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