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Petr; KOTYK, Ukrainia writer.


  • KOTYK, Petr; was born in 1899 in Romny, now Poltava Oblast.

  • Education

    • Studied at Kiev and Kharkov University.


    • 1920-1924 member, Ukrainia Communist Party [The Ukrainia Communist Party emerged from the left wing of the Ukrainia Social-Democratic Workers’ Party and the remnants of the Borotbists. It existed as a legitimate opposition to the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Ukrainia from 1920]. 1920-1921 Head, Okhtyrka Rayon DepL of Public Education.

      Secretary, edition office, illustrated journal “Globus”. 1924-1925 member, Association, of Writers, then organizer and member, "Lanka” literature group. 1926-1928 member, “Mars” literature organization.

      1927 journal “Zhyttya i revolyutsiya” (Life and Revolution) carried his novelette "Smert” (Death) which was sharply censured by the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) Ukrainia. 1930-1933 at times unemployed, at others taught Ukrainia, Russ, and German language and literature, worked as medical orderly, hospital assist, navvy, fitter, miner and book-keeper. 1933 moved to Kazakhstan, arrested by NKVD and deported to concentration camp.

      1956 pardoned and returned to the Ukrainia.
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