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Shiko Benyaminovich ARANOV

Shiko ARANOV, USSR Composer and conductor. Real name: ARANOVICH. Honoured Art Worker of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1950; Popular Artist of Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1954; Artistic Director, Moldavia State Variety Orchestra, since 1956; board member, Moldavia Union of Composers. Badge of Honor, 1960; three medals.


  • ARANOV, Shiko was born in 1905 in Tatarbunary, Southern Bessarabia, now Odessa Oblast.

  • Education

    • Since 1923 studied musical theory and composition, Kishinev Conservatory. 1933 graduated composition and trumpet class, Bucharest Conservatory.


    • Until occupation of Bessarabia by Soviet Army in 1940 worked in Rumania. 1940-1942 Conductor, Kishinev Philharmonic Orchestra. 1942-1948 Conductor and Artistic Director, Moldavia State Jazz Band.

      1948-1956 Artistic Director, Moldavia State Dance Ensemble.
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