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Atkay Akimovich ADZHAMATOV

Atkay ADZHAMATOV, USSR Dagestan (Kumyk) poet, prose writer, playwright and translator. Badge of Honor, 1960.


  • ADZHAMATOV, Atkay was born in 1910 in village Endrcy, Dagestan.

  • Education

    • Graduated Dagestan Pedagogical Tcchnicum and Higher Lit.


    • Worked for newspaper “Yeldash” (Comrade). Collects Kumyk folklore. Has translated into Kumyk: Pushkin’s verse.

      Gogol's “Taras Bulba”. Gorky's “Na dne” (The Lower Depths). Ostrovsky’s “Bespridannitsa” (Girl Without a Dowry), etc.

      PubL: 1927 first work published. Author of 15 collections, including- “From the Crowded Mountains to the Open Plains” (1931). “My Star”; “Sotau and Rashiya”.

      Novelettes: “In the Kumyk Steppe”. “The Family of a Hero”. “I Am Proud”; plays: “The Steel Trap”.

      “Ansar”; “The Brides”. Poems “Karta Kavkaza v kabinete Lenina” (The Map of the Caucasus in Lenin’s Study) and “Starik i pisatel” (The Old Man and the Writer), in Kumyk and Russian. Verse “At Yasnaya Polyana”, “Love” and “Antlers”, etc.

      (1960); “Roundelay”; folklore collection “With All One’s Heart” (1940).
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