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Nikolay Varfolomeevich BARANOV

Nikolay BARANOV, USSR Architect. Full member and Chief Learned Secretary, Presidium, USSR Academy of Building and Architecture, since 1956; member, Committee Lenin Prizes for Science and Technology, USSR Council of Ministers, since 1960. Order of Lenin, 1958. Member, Communist Party, since 1938.


  • BARANOV, Nikolay was born in 1909.

  • Education

    • 1931 graduated Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering. 1934 graduated All-Russia Academy, of Arts.


    • 1938-1950 Chief Architect of Leningrad. 1939-1947 designed reconstruction of architectural ensembles in “ploshchad Mira”. 1944-1952 designed reconstruction of “ploshad im.

      Lenina” and extension of residential areas of Leningrad, c. g.,‘‘Primorskoy prospekt”, “Staraya derevnya” and “Novaya derevnya”. 1948-1958 designed numerous public installations, including Lenin Stadium. 1948-1953 V.-President, Intcrnat.

      Union of Architects; since 1956 member, Association, for Cooperation with United Nations.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1938.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1938.
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    Born 1909