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Matvey Isaakovich BLANTER

Matvey BLANTER, Composer; songwriter; Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1947. Stalin Prize, 1946; medals.


  • BLANTER, Matvey was born in 1903 in Pochep, Chernigov Oblast.

  • Education

    • 1915-1917 Kursk School of Music. 1917-1919 Moscow Philharmonic School. 1920-1921 composition course.


    • 1920's and early 1930's composed light jazz music. Since 1930's has worked on group songs. Musical Director: 1926-1927 Leningrad Satirical Theater.

      {1930-1931 Magnitogorsk Drama Theater. 1932 Mobile Theater of journal “Krokodil”. 1932-1933 Gorky Theater of One-Act Plays.
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