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Andrey Sergeevich CHISTOVICH

Andrey CHISTOVICH, USSR Psychiatrist. Professor; Doctor of Medicine Science; Head, Chair of Psychiatry, Leningrad Military Medicine Academy, since 1956. orders; medals.


  • CHISTOVICH, Andrey was born in 1897 in St. Petersburg.

  • Education

    • 1922 graduated Petrograd Military Medicine Academy.


    • Со-Editor, “Psychiatry” section, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition. Member, Editorial Board, “Zhurnal nevropatologii i psikhiatrii im. S. S. Korsakova” (Korsakov Journal of Neuropathology and Psychiatry).

      Since 1961 member, Czechoslovak Medicine Society. Works deal with: pathological physiology and pathogenesis of delirium. Infectious psychoses (tularemia, brucellosis, rheumatic psychoses, etc.).

      Etiological role of latent infection in genesis of psychoses. 1922-1938 specialized in Leningrad psychiatric hospitals and clinics. 1938-1946 Head, Chair of Psychiatry, Novosibirsk Medicine Institute.

      1946-1952 Head, Psychiatric Clinic, Pavlov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology, and Head, Psychiatric Section, Institute of Physiology, USSR Academy of Science. 1952-1956 Head, Chair of Psychiatry, Naval Medicine Academy.


    Every religion forces people to rely on outside authority, thus depriving them to become self-sufficient.


    Every person has rights to express his or her opinion, but the opinion could be expressed if it was in accordance with the general interests of Soviet society.

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    Born 1897