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David Mikhaylovich CHIZHIKOV

David CHIZHIKOV, USSR Metallurgical engineer. Doctor of Technology Science since 1935; corresponding member, and associate, Institute of Metallurgy, USSR Academy of Science, since 1939. Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals; two Stalin Prizes, 1942, 1950. Member, Communist Party, since 1921.


  • CHIZHIKOV, David was born in 1895.

  • Education

    • 1924 graduated Moscow Mining Academy.


    • Chairman, Science and Technology Council on NonFerrous Metals and Gold. In charge of technican consultations on a number of nonferrous metallurgical enterprises. Headed activating commissions of Volkhov Aluminium Plant, Ufaleysk Nickel Plant and other rebuilt non-ferrous metallurgical factories.

      During World War H member, Commission for Mobilizing the Resources of the USSR, USSR Academy of Science. Until 1927 foreman, then engineer, Moscow Copper Electrolyte Plant and Vladikavkaz Lead and Zinc Plant. 1927-1930 Chief Engineering in design and construction of Konstantinovka Zinc Plant.

      1930 helped organize Non-ferrous Metallurgical Research Institute and became its first director. 1933-1941 Professor, Moscow Institute of Non-ferrous Metals and Gold.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1921.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1921.
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    Born 1895