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Mariya Sofronovna DEMCHENKO

Mariya DEMCHENKO, USSR Agronomist, Vasilev Kolkhoz, Kiev Oblast; initiated “five-hundred” movement. Order of Lenin.


  • DEMCHENKO, Mariya was born in 1912 in village Starosel, now Kiev Oblast.

  • Education

    • Graduated Kiev Agriculture Institute.


    • Since 1931 concrete worker in construction of Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine. 1935 team leader, “Koraintern" Kolkhoz, Ukrainia. 1935 promised Stalin at 2nd All-Union Congress of Kolkhoz Shock-Workers to raise per-bectare sugar beet yield to at least 500 Soviet centners (average yield 100 Soviet centners).

      523.7 Soviet centners were harvested per hectare under conditions which she specified and supervised. A socialist competion named the “five-hundred movement” ensued.
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