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Kbasan Uvzhukovich ELBERDOV

Kbasan ELBERDOV, USSR Circassian (Kabardian) writer and translator. Senior associate, Kabardo-Balkar Research Institute of Cultural Construction. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1957.


  • ELBERDOV, Kbasan was born in 1886 in village Kishpek, Kabardo-Balkaria.

  • Career

    • Active in 1913 Zol insurrection in Kabardo-Balkaria against the Ruse. government in the Northern Caucasus. During the Civil War headed a peasant detachment against Serebryakov’s Cossack detachment, which was fighting against the Bolsheviks. Attended Bolshevik Congress in Nalchik and Vladivostok.

      Author of many textbooks for Circassian and Kabardian school. Has translated many works by Russ, classical, Soviet and West European writers. Member, Editorial Board, “Russkokabardinskocherkessky slovar” (A Russo-KabardoCircassian Dictionary) (1955).

      Member, Editorial Board, “Grammatika kabardino-cherkesskogo literaturnogo yazyka” (A Grammar of the Kabardo-Circassian Literary Language) (1957).
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