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Semen Pavlovich IVANOV

Semen IVANOV, USSR Associate, Cinematography Research Institute, since 1947. Inventor of cinematographic appliances. Stalin Prize, 1941.


  • IVANOV, Semen was born in 1906.

  • Career

    • Trained stage artist. 1939-1941 Head, Stereoscopic Film Laboratory. AllUnion Studio for Children’s Films.

      1944-1947 Head, Stereoscopic Film Studio. Has developed: system of stereoscopic cinematography and projection. Stereo screens and stereo diapositives with perspective rasters three-dimensional screens, consisting of light-absorbing and light-amplifying cells.

      Author of other inventions in stereoscopic cinematography. Has patented stereo screens in several countries, including England, France and Italy.
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    Born 1906