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Lev Nikolaevich KHITRIN

Lev KHITRIN, USSR Thermophysicist. Professor 1953; corresponding member USSR Academy of Science, since 1953; associate, Power Engineering Institute, USSR Academy of Science, since 1945. Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals; Stalin Prize, 1950.


  • KHITRIN, Lev was born in 1907.

  • Education

    • 1930 graduated Moscow University.


    • 1931-1941 at All-Union Combustion Engineering Institute. Since 1936 simultaneously instructor, Moscow University. Works deal with: combustion physics and theory of heterogeneous combustion.

      New intensive methods of combustion and comprehensive power technology methods of fuel utilization.


    God can not be proven by science which is the main way we study and understand our universe or natural world.


    Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.

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    Born February 20, 1907



    Olga Borisik

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