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Stepan Pavlovich KIRSANOV

Stepan KIRSANOV, USSR Dipl. Deputy Head,Department of Scandinavian Countries, USSR Minister of Foreign Affairs, since 1959. Badge of Honor, 1955.


  • KIRSANOV, Stepan was born in 1908.

  • Career

    • From 1937 in diplomatic sendee. 1943-1944 counsellor, Soviet mission in Bulgaria. 1944-1945 deputy head, then head, Polit Department, Allied Control Commission in Rumania.

      1945-1948 political advisor to chairman. Allied Control Commission in Bulgaria. 1948-1949 deputy head.

      Department of Balkan Countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Rumania and Yugoslavia), USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs and political adviser, Soviet Balkan Command. 1949-1950 head, 4th European Department, USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1953-1959 Soviet ambassador to Holland.

      1959-1966 deputy head, Department of Scandinavian Countries, USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    The hierarchical structure of most religions is anti-democratic, and thus offends basic human rights.


    The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the leading and guiding force of Soviet society, and the nucleus of its political system, of all state and public organizations.

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    Born 1908
    Died October, 1966
    (aged 58)



    Olga Borisik

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