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Lev Konstantinovich KNIPPER

Lev KNIPPER, Composer; Honoured Art Worker of Buryat Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic since 1958. five medals; Iranian Order of Learning, Class I; Stalin Prizes, 1945, 1948.


  • Knipper, Lev was born in 1898 in Tbilisi.

  • Education

    • In Germany, then in Moscow under Ye. Gnesin, D. RogalLevitsky, N. Zhilyaev, and R. Glier.


    • 1921-1922 Assistant Producer, Moscow Arts Theater. 1929-1930 consultant, NemirovichDanchenko Musical Theater. 1932-1933 instructor in mass propaganda work in units of Special Far-Eastern Army.

      1933 debut as conductor. During mid 1930's toured military units, organizing concerts. 1936-1941 Director, Theater of Popular Art.

      1941-1944 cultural and social work in Soviet Army. 1944 organized musical amateur talent activities in Soviet units stationed in Iran. Late 1946 went to Buryat-Mongolian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic to work on opera “Na Baykale” (On Lake Baikal), which he began to write in 1931.

      Mid 1920's member, Association, of Contemporary Music. 1930 toured Northern Caucasus and in 1931, the Pamir. 1932 after decree of Central Committee, AllUnion Communist Party (Bolsheviks), “Reorganization of the Work of Artistic Organizations’’, concentrated on work in Soviet Army, composing many pop. songs dedicated to Red Army.
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    Born 1898
    Died 1978
    (aged 80)



    Olga Borisik

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