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Agrippina Nikitichna KRACHUN

Agrippina KRACHUN, USSR Pedagogue. Moldavia Minister of Education 1958-1961; member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Lithuania Moldavia, since 1954; Presidium Secretary, Moldavia Supreme Soviet, since 1961. Order of Lenin, 1960.


  • KRACHUN, Agrippina was born in 1911.

  • Career

    • 1955 Deputy Chairman, Moldavia Council of Ministers. Deputy, Moldavia Supreme Soviet of 1955 and 1959 convoc • active in restoring Moldavia school after World War II- author of a textbook on Moldavian language for Mold, school.


    All religious orders impose irrational rules of good and bad behaviour.


    Strong communist party can create a new and better society with neither rich nor poor.

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    Born 1911