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Anton Savvich KUZMICH

Anton KUZMICH, Chairman, Ukrainia Regional Economic Council, since 1960. Member, Central Committee, Communist Party Ukraine, since 1956; candidate member of the Central Committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, since 1961. Order of Red Banner of Labor, 1959. Member, Communist Party, since 1936.


  • KUZMICH, Anton was born in 1909.

  • Career

    • 1953 USSR Deputy Minister of Coal Industry. 1955-1956 Ukrainia Minister of Coal Industry. 1957-1959 Chairman, Lugansk Regional Economic Council.

      1960 First Deputy Chairman, Ukrainia Regional Economic Council. Deputy, Ukrainia Supreme Soviet of 1955 convocation. Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet of 1958 convocation.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1936.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1936.
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    Born 1909