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Sergey Ivanovich KUZNETSOV

Sergey KUZNETSOV, USSR Microbiologist. Doctor of Biological Science since 1944; Professor; Head,Department of Microorganisms, Institute of Microbiology, USSR Academy of Science.


  • KUZNETSOV, Sergey was born in 1900 in village Poretskoe, now Vladimir Oblast.

  • Education

    • 1923 graduated Moscow University. 1928 completed postgrad, course, Botany Institute, Moscow University.


    • 1923-1931 Assistant, Chair of Microbiology, Biology Faculty, Moscow University. 1920-1925 simultaneously at Hydrobiological Station, Lake Glubokoe. 1928-1934 at Fertilizer Research Institute.

      1938-1941 lecturer in hydromicrobiology. Simultaneously at Institute of Non-Black Earth Cereal Crops. 1931-1941 at Kosino Limnological Station.

      1942 Head, Chair of Microbiology, Biology Faculty, Moscow University.


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