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Samuil Moiseevich LEYTES

Samuil LEYTES, USSR Pathophysiologist. Professor 1930; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1936; Head,Department of Pathological Physiology, since 1945; Deputy Director and Director of Studies, All-Union Institute of Experimental Endocrinology, USSR Ministry of Health, since 1953. Kazan University Gold Medal, 1914; Order of Lenin, 1961; other orders; medals.


  • LEYTES, Samuil was born in 1899.

  • Education

    • 1923 graduated Kharkov Medicine Institute.


    • 1918-1923 established Anatomy Museum at Astrakhan Medicine Institute. 1931 helped found Sverdlovsk Medicine Institute, where he organized Surgical Clinic, Chair of General Surgery. Was member, Astrakhan Oblast Executive Committee and Astrakhan City Soviet of Workers’ Deputy.

      Honorary member, Leningrad Pirogov Surgical Society and Astrakhan Surgical Society. Chairman, Sverdlovsk Surgical Society. Deputy Chairman, All-Russian and AllUnion Society of Surgeons.

      Со-Editor, “Surgery” section, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia) 2nd edition. Member, Editor Council, journals “Klinicheskaya meditsina” (Clinical Medicine) and “Problemy endokrinologii i gormonoterapii” (Problems of Endocrinology and Hormone Therapy). 1960 attended International Congress of Phlebologists at Chamb6ry, France.

      1923-1930 Assistant, then lecturer, Chair of Pathological Physiology, Kharkov Medicine Institute. 1931-1933 Head, Chair of Pathophysiology, Smolensk Medicine Institute. 1933-1941 Head, Chair of Pathophysiology, Ukrainia Postgraduate Medicine Institute, Kharkov, and Head, Pathological Chemistry Department, and Clinical Physiological Laboratory, Ukrainia Institute of Endocrinology.

      1941-1945 Head, Chair of Pathophysiology, Alma-Ata Medicine Institute, and consultant to laboratories of evacuation hospitals. 1945-1951 Head, Clinical Physiological Laboratories, Moscow Diet Clinic. City and Oblast evacuation hospitals.


    Religion is bad because it obstructs scientific research.


    Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.

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    Born 1899