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Vasiliy Nikitich MATVEEV

Vasiliy MATVEEV, USSR Dermovenerologist. Lecturer; Candidate of Medical Science since 1935; Director, Uzbek Dermovenerological Research Institute, Uzbek Ministry of Health, since 1947; Honoured Worker of Science of Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. Order of Lenin; Order of Red Star; four medals; two Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic Supreme Soviet Presidium's Scrolls of Honor.


  • MATVEEV, Vasiliy was born in 1900.

  • Education

    • 1924 graduated Medical Faculty, 2nd Moscow University. 1933-1935 postgrad, student at Central Dcrmovenerological Institute, USSR Popular Commissariat of Health, Moscow.


    • Led 10 dermovenerological expeditions in Union and autonomous republ. Since 1947 Deputy Chairman, Tashkent Society of Dermovenerologists. Deputy Chairman, Uzbek Society of Dermovenerologists.

      Since 1950 board member, All-Union Society of Dermovenerologists;s. 1953 member, Learned Medicine Council, Uzbek Ministry of Health. Member, Editor Council, “Vestnik dermatologii i venerologii” (Herald of Dermatology and Venerology).

      Author of over 50 works on dermatology and venerology. 1924-1932 doctor and dcrmovencrologist in various medical institutions. 1936-1947 senior associate, Central Dermovenerological Institute, USSR Popular Commissariat of Health, Moscow.


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    Individuals have rights to express freedom if it safeguarde the interests of a collective.

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    Born 1900