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Solomon Veniaminovich MILLER

Solomon MILLER, USSR Hygienist. Specialist in pathology of occupational diseases; Doctor of Medicine Science; Head, Chair of General Hygiene, Sverdlovsk Medicine Institute; Head, Hygiene Department, Sverdlovsk Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Pathology, since 1941.


  • MILLER, Solomon was born in 1898.

  • Education

    • 1921 graduated Kharkov Medicine Institute.


    • Chairman, Ural Sanitary and Technology Council. Board member, Sverdlovsk Department, All-Russia Society of Hygienists. Presidium member, Ural Commission for Combatting Silicosis.

      Member, Editor Council, journals “Gigiena i sanitariya” (Hygiene and Public Health) and “Gigiena truda i professionalnye zabolevaniya” (Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases). Works deal with occupational hygiene, inch: effects of electric arc welding on the human body. Industrial dust; labor hygiene in non-ferrous metallurgy and in mining.

      Silicosis; unfavorable meteorological industrial conditions. Occupational pneumoconiosis. Prophylaxis of chronic effects of fluorine compounds on workers, etc.

      1921-1924 public health doctor, Artemovo Health Department, Ukrainia, then associate, Ukrainia Institut of Labor, Kharkov. 1924-1941 associate, Central Ukrainia Institute of Labor Hygiene and Occupational Diseases. 1931-1941 Head, Chair of Labor Hygiene, then Chair of General Hygiene, Kharkov Stomatological Institute.

      1934-1941 Head, Chair of Labor Hygiene, Kharkov Postgraduate Medicine Institute.
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    Born 1898