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Mikhail Dmitrievich MILLIONSHCHIKOV

Mikhail MILLIONSHCHIKOV, USSR Specialist in mechanical and applied physics. Professor, Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute, since 1949; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, 8. 1953; Bureau member,Department of Physico-Mathematical Science, USSR Academy of Science, since 1960. Stalin Prize. Member, Communist Party, since 1947.


  • MILLIONSHCHIKOV, Mikhail was born in 1913.

  • Education

    • 1932 graduated Grozny Petroleum Institute.


    • 1932-1934 instructor, Grozny Petroleum Institute. 1934-1943 instructor, Moscow Aviation Institute. 1943-1949 instructor, Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute.

      1944-1949 simultaneously at Institute of Mech., USSR Academy of Science. Main works deal with theory of turbulence, theory of filtration, and applied gas dynamics.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1947.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1947.
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    Born 1913