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Vitold Stepanovich PAK

Vitold PAK, Engineering; Professor; full member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, since 1951. Member, Communist Party, since 1937.


  • PAK, Vitold was born in 1888.

  • Education

    • 1911 graduated Tomsk Technology Institute.


    • Specialist in mining mechanics. 1951-1957 helped develop new systems of main and auxiliary centrifugal mine fans. 1911-1918 engineer, 1918-1920 Chief Engineering, 1920-1922 Management, Suchan Coal Mines.

      1926-1930 instructor, Far Eastern University. 1930-1931 at Far Eastern Polytechn. Institute; 1931-1934 at Far Eastern Mining Institute, Vladivostok.

      1935-1944 instructor, 1944-1951 Professor, Donets Industry Institute.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1937.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1937.
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    Born 1888