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Yazep PUSHCHA, Belarusian poet. Real name: PLASHCHINSKY.


  • PUSHCHA, Yazep was born in 1902 in village Karalishchavichi, now Minsk Oblast.

  • Education

    • Attended courses on Belorussology, Belarusian Popular Commissariat of Education. 1929 graduated Philology Faculty, Leningrad University.


    • Since 1919 in various public education depts., Minsk and Mozyr. Taught Belarusian language and literature in school and on courses. 1923 and 1926 co-founder, Belarusian literature association “Maladnyak” (The Young Generation and “Uzvyshcha” (Eminence).

      1930 arrested and exiled to Shadrinsk in the Urals. After repeal of sentence lived in south of USSR. 1957 returned to Belarusian after rehabilitation.
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