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Mikhail Mikhaylovich RUSENOV

Mikhail RUSENOV, USSR Optician. Engineering; Professor 1944; Professor, Leningrad Institute of Precision Mech. and Optics since 1946. Stalin Prizes, 1941, 1949, 1950.


  • RUSENOV, Mikhail was born in 1909.

  • Education

    • 1927 graduated Leningrad Technicum of Precision Mech. and Optics. 1931 graduated Leningrad Institute of Precision Mech. and Optics.


    • Developed new theory for designing optical lenses, on the basis of which he developed “Russar” wideangle and extrawide-angle lenses for aerial survey. Designed condensors for extra-wide-angle multiplexes (the basic instrument for processing aerial survey photographs) and for reproduction apparatus. 1929-1932 designer at All-Union Federation of the Optico-Mech.

      Industry; 1932-1942 Leningrad Branch, Central Research Institute of Geodesy, Aerial Survey and Cartography. 1943-1944 lecturer, Moscow Higher Technology School.
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    Born 1909