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Vladimir Adolfovich SCHNEYDEROV

Vladimir SCHNEYDEROV, Film director and script-writer; Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1954.


  • SCHNEYDEROV, Vladimir was born in 1898.

  • Career

    • Since 1924 in film work. Makes documentary, adventure, pop.-science and geographical films. Directed: “Podnozhe smerti” (The Foothills of Death) (1928).

      “El-Jemen” (1930); “Khodeyka”. “Sanaa”; “Ki-Yakhud” and “Na vysote 4500 metrov” (At a Height of 4500 Meters) (1931). “Dva okeana” (Two Oceans) (1932).

      “Zolotoe ozero” (The Golden Lake) (1935). “Dzhulbars” (1936); “Ushchele Alamasov” (The Alamasov Ravine) (1937). “Gaygi” (1939); “U istokov zhizni” (At the Sources of Life) (1953).

      “Mechennye atomy” (Tracer Atoms) (1955). “Nashi subtropiki” (Our Subtropics). “Noyabr v Sukhumi” (November in Sukhumi).

      “Zimoy v gorakh” (Winter in the Mountains). “Pod nami Yaponskoe More” (Beneath us the Sea of Japan), etc. 1948-1950 collaborated issue of series of geographical films “Puteshestvie po USSR” (Journey Across the USSR).

      At present working on series of geographical documentaries “Na sushe i na more” (On Land and Sea).
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    Born 1898