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Marina Timofeevna SEMENOVA

Marina SEMENOVA, USSR Ballerina. Teacher of choreography, School of Choreography, Bolshoy Theater, since 1951; Popular Artist Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1951. Stalin Prize, 1941.


  • Semenova, Marina was born on June 12, 1908 in Petersburg.

  • Education

    • 1925 graduated A. Ya. Vaganova’s Class, School of Choreography, Leningrad Marinsky Theater.


    • As a student, appeared as a leading dancer in school concerts. Leading dancer with the Leningrad Opera from 1925-1930. Distinguished for the width and elasticity of her leap.

      Tragic and comic parts were equally within her reach. Took part in the production of many of the early Soviet ballets. Though a classical dancer, adapted her genre to the demands made in the 1920s.

      Guest performances at the Paris Opera, 1936. Taught at the Moscow Choreographic School, 1954-1960. Teacher and coach of the leading dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre from 1953.

      Taught in the Choreographic Department of the Russian University of Theatre Arts (State Institute of Dramatic Art) from 1964. Among her many pupils were N. Bessmertnova, M. Kondrat’eva and N. Timofeeva. 1925-1930 at Leningrad Theater of Opera and Ballet. 1930-1951 ballerina, Bolshoy Theater. Parts include: title role in Glazunov’s “Raymonda”.

      Nikiya, in L. Minkus’ “Bayaderka” (The Temple Dancer). Odette and Odillc, in Tchaikovsky’s “Lebedinoe ozero” (Swan Lake) and Aurora, in “Spyashchaya krasavitsa” (Sleeping Beauty). Title role in A. Adan’s “Giselle”.

      Diane Mirelle, in B. Asafev’s “Plamya Parizha” (The Flame of Paris). Title role in Prokofiev’s “Zolushka” (Cinderella), etc.
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    Born June 12, 1908



    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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