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Isagali SHARIPOV, Chairman, Presidium, Kazakhstan Supreme Soviet, since 1961. Member since 1959, and Bureau member since 1961, Central Committee, Communist Party Kazakhstan; member, Communist Party of the Soviet Union Central Auditing Commission, since 1961. two Order of Red Banner of Labor; Order of Patriotic War, Class I; Badge of Honor. Member, Communist Party, since 1926.


  • SHARIPOV, Isagali was born in 1905 in village Dolgoe, now Astrakhan Oblast.

  • Education

    • 1932 graduated Moscow Communist University for Workers of the East.


    • 1924-1926 member, All-Union Communist Youth League. Deputy, Kazakhstan Supreme Soviet of all convocation. 1954-1956 member, All-Union Central Trade-Union Council.

      1961 elected Deputy, USSR Supreme Soviet, at supplementary elections. 1916-1921 worked in fisheries. 1921-1926 Secretary, then Deputy Chairman, exec, comt., village soviet.

      1926-1929 Secretary, Volost Communist Youth League Committee, then propagandist for Astrakhan Guberniya Party Committee. 1932-1937 led Central Committee Communist Youth League, propagandist group, in “Pakhta Aral” sovkhoz, then instructor. 1937-1938 Director,Department of Propaganda and Agitation, East Kazakhstan Oblast Committee.

      1938-1939 Chairman, Semipalatinsk Oblast Executive Committee. 1939-1953 Deputy Chairman, Kazakhstan Council of Ministers. 1941-1945 simultaneously permanent Kazakhstan Government Representative, at USSR Council of Ministers.

      1953-1954 Chairman, Alma-Ata City Soviet. 1954-1956 Chairman, Kazakhstan Trade-Union Council. 1956-1961 permanent Representative of Kazakhstan Council of Ministers at USSR Council of Ministers.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1926.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1926.
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