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Nikolay Stanislavovich STRELETSKY

Nikolay STRELETSKY, USSR Engineering. Specialist in bridge building; Professor 1933, and Head, Chair of Steel Structures, Moscow Transport Engineering Institute; full member, USSR Academy, of Building and Architecture, since 1956; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1931; Director, State Construction Institute; Honoured Worker of Science and Technology Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1944.


  • STRELETSKY, Nikolay was born in 1885.

  • Education

    • 1911 graduated St. Petersburg Institute of Transport Engineering. 1911 attended Charlottenburg Technology High School, Berlin.


    • Specialist in metal structures and bridge building, especially structure bearing strength and calculation theory for engineer structures. Established science principles for standardization of transport and industrial structures. 1915-1918 instructor, since 1918 Professor, and Head, Chair of Bridges, Moscow Higher Technology School.

      1918-1930 organized experimental research on bridge structures. Designed Krasnokholmsky and Krymsky suspension bridges, bridge across the Volga at Saratov, and a bridge across the Sunguri River on the East-Chinese Railraod. 1927-1933 Head, Chair of Bridges, Higher Civil Engineering School.

      1933-1936 Head, Chair of Bridges, Kuybyshev Military Engineering Academy. 1936 staff consultant, Steel Structures Design Office. 1947-1949 Deputy Chairman, Council on Science Construction Problems, USSR Academy of Building and Architecture.

      1949-1953 Chairman, Commission on Construction Problems, USSR Academy of Science.
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    Born 1885